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You have no idea how happy this makes me. I resolutely force myself not to let the Christmas season begin until the first of December, otherwise it has a tendency to colonise half the year. Also, it REALLY ISN'T CHRISTMAS in October. I wish someone would tell all the shops which play irritating christmas songs that. I have a friend who claims that Christmas begins when it gets properly cold, which is simply ludicrous. He also thinks it's acceptable to eat mince pies in June, though, so what can I say.

Anyway, now it's here, I am incredibly excited. It's not Christmas itself I love so much, even. The week or so around Christmas day means an amount of time spent with my family that I find incredibly hard to tolerate without stabbing someone. I love the carols (by which I mean the proper ones, preferably sung in at least four part harmony, and not the Christmas pop that gets blasted at you all the time). I love the food. I love the fact that it's socially acceptable to eat horrific amounts of incredibly unhealthy stuff. I also like getting presents. I would say I like giving them just as much, but I'd be fooling nobody.

Also, there was Doctor Who. A few thoughts, plus spoilers, under the cut.
Doctor Who )

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the build-up to Christmas :)

I am telling myself that Christmas makes it acceptable to sing out loud when walking down the street.


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