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So... I know it's a bit late, but I thought I might as well do the kink meme thing.
Stolen from, well, pretty much everyone.

Rank Name
1 Voyeurism
2 Vanilla sex
3 Oral sex (cunnilingus, fellatio, blowjobs, etc)
4 Solo/Masturbation
5 Passionate/Emotional sex
6 Intercrural/interfemoral sex
7 Talking/communication kink (dirty talk, banter, phone sex, etc
8 Magic/Spells/Telepathy during sex
9 Toys and devices
10 First time
10 Anonymous sex (glory-holes, alley sex, one-night stands)
12 Hate sex
13 Do or die
14 Confined spaces
15 Clothed sex
16 Penetrative sex
17 Hurt/Comfort
18 Uniform kink
19 Selfcest
19 Aphrodisiacs/Drugs/Sex pollen
19 Animal themes/characteristics
19 Multiple partners (orgy, gangbang, etc)
19 Breath play
19 Orgasm denial (intentional or accidental)
19 Body(part) worship
26 Servicing/Prostitution
27 A/B/O
27 Age difference
27 Rape/Dubious consent
31 Incest

I don't really know what to make of this. In general, I'm mostly (almost to an embarassing extent) very vanilla. So the fact that it came second isn't really surprising. However, from these, I probably would have said that voyeurism, masturbation, and dirty talk were some of my favourites. Most of the ones near the top are at least the things I enjoy reading in fanfic, though not necessarily ones I would seek out.

As for the other end, it's slightly moe difficult. Lots of them are things that I will absolutely not read (e.g. Incest, A/B/O, Animal characteristics, which I just personally find really squicky), but quite a few are things that I will read, just don't love (e.g. Age difference, Prostitution).
Also, I'm pretty sure someone has pointed this out already, but why are Rape and DubCon conflated? Rape is probably the thing I find most squicky, and absolutely will avoid reading, but DubCon is something I do occasionally enjoy. It annoys me that they are together :/
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